Thursday, February 2, 2012

About Me

Known in the RL as Martene, I freelance and basically live the pirate's life. I made this blog as a way to not my tips on living a frugal lifestyle. A lot of tips are doable, some great for the environs and some a little on grey side *cough*hacking consoles*cough* but in general allow you to life a less spend thrift and free life.

As this being my 4th blog (zomg!), I plan to give out tips and tricks from years of doing with what I have. My experiences may not be the same for you. So this isn't necessarily gospel, just how I view them. Also I kinda wanted to try having an side blog where project with little to no ads.

Ah so yas needs a word with me? Just drop me a line in my Contact Form. :)

*Am also a blogger for hire/ad spots on my page for hire! More info on my my freelancer profile, or email me to negotiate!

I can also be found on my Linkedin page, and that...Facebook thingy linked in my sidebar.

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